Apr 072016


 RISO RED     Riso Medium Blue     moniker_green

Moniker has 4 colour drums: Black Bright Red, Medium Blue, and Riso Green. At first this may seem limited, however the colour charts below show the many possibilities achievable when adjusting and layering opacities.

risograph colour chart variations

Below are the full colour charts that range from an opacity of 5% to 95%. Click the charts to see full size images and for examples of when the ink is printed on different colours of paper, such as newsprint. Hardcopies of these colour charts are available for free pickup or can be mailed internationally. (post is paid by the receiver) email erica@monikerpress.ca for more info.

colour spectrum

Paper choice can also play a huge role in how the colour prints. Papers with a smooth finish will achieve a more solid looking colour, whereas a paper with more tooth, such as a cotton rag or drawing paper will have a different texture to the print.

Risograph Paper Sample

Left: paper with smooth finish, Right: paper with tooth/texture