Jan 212016


paranormal_676px_DSC_0591Paranormal Activity (dis)Ambiguation
by Zine ClubProject Space

Publisher/Editor: Tracy Stefanucci
Designer: Sylvana d’Angelo
Printing: Moniker Press*

Limited Edition of 100
Vancouver, BC – 2015

Zine Club and Project Space collaborated to create an art book for the Fourth Annual Vancouver Art / Book Fair. If we approach the supernatural as a technology of the un-know, what is it’s interface? Ten creatives visually answer.

Tracy Stefanucci
Sylvana dAngelo
Emmy Van Thiel
Oana Clitan
Ryan Ming
Quinn Keaveney
Christopher Larsen
Anezka Minarikova
Larissa Monteiro
Lindsey Hampton

*Pictures below of the risograph cover and  pages printed by Moniker Press. (More photos of the digital prints can be viewed here: asmbly-line.com)

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