minor drum exam and Riso hangs with my bud Quentin from @videpress // #risograph #vancouver #monikerpress  Kate Hunt’s page for the 2018 artists calendar pretty accurately predicts February weather in Vancouver ☔️ // a good reminder to get outside on daze like today ☀️ // first visitor at tomorrow’s open studio is gonna take home a free 2018 calendar! // #monikerpress #artistscalendar #2018 #february
 what I love about Zoe Kreye’s (@zoe_cry) ‘Our Missing Body’ newspaper series is that the words and shapes can be interpreted so differently depending on the day  perhaps this is a good post-valentine’s week encouragement  to those struggling (whatever it may be) there may still be a long way to go but don’t forget how far you’ve come  let it fuel you forward // #risograph #zoekreye #monikerpress  spotted on display this weekend in Portland at @floatingworldcomics > Dakwäkãda Warriors II by @tundrawizard (printed by #MonikerPress // if you’re not in Portland you can find DW I & II online by visiting MONIKERPRESS.CA/SHOP ✨ #risograph #portland #colepauls #dakwakadawarriors
 February 17 (today!) is Moniker Press’ first open studio of 2018 // stop by to look at print and paper samples, ask questions, learn more about Riso printing and perhaps have a cup of tea ☕️ // #monikerpress #risograph #printing #openstudio  regram from @printreadyevents // the pieces of Mobile Moniker México beside a toilet paper zine by @phaserondaze // #risograph #mobilemoniker #monikerpress