the beginning of a new year  so much potential! Presenting the first artists calendar page of 2018 by @priscillayuart calendars still available online!  Priscilla is an artist and illustrator who paints worlds that appear to dwell in a strange gravity. Her work employs geometric forms and skewed perspective, as a stylistic constrain, which is sprinkled with intuitive balancing of colour, form, and texture. Since graduating from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2013, she has exhibited in Los Angeles, Chicago, and all over Vancouver. // priscillayu.ca // #monikerpress #risograph #artistcalendar  In light of a recent loss over New Years—a rather challenging start— I’ve been looking retrospectively at the past year, it’s difficult to express how grateful I am to have worked, collaborated, and enjoyed the company of so many amazing people. Artists, writers, designers, friends and family, all over the world. Lots of projects, studio daze and hard work, but you made it all worth it ✨Thank you ✨ 2018 has beautiful things on its horizon and likely some new Riso tricks up its sleeve  keep tuned, news of upcoming open studio up next Happy New Year! #2017 #2018 #monikerpress #risograph
 all freshly bound for tomorrow! the release/reading of a new Prado Prado zine at @vancouverartbookfair’s open studio. Readings start at 7pm. SUPER NIÑO is a collection of writing and photography by sisters Benita and Zuleyma Prado published by @zine_clubing + @sylvanaisthebest /// “We sit in silence, observing our surroundings. Riding over speed bumps we are all staring in silence. “Once I crossed that fence, I was free” he says. “But fuck Canada because too many taxes” he exclaims, breaking the serious tone of his voice.” Reclaiming their identities as Afro-Colombian Aboriginal women, Zuleyma and Benita Prado tell the story of their father’s impact in their lives as an immigrant from Buenaventura, Colombia. The freehand written poems and stories tell a journey of re-learning and unlearning through all the conflict, through burned haired on iron, and little caesars pizzas. Prado Prado take a deep introspection into the biggest part of their fathers life, his work. Documenting through images of their father and his work clothes show the ambition and work ethic of immigrants that come to Canada. As well as the systematic oppression that places minorities into labour jobs. The importance of these items that live with their father are on full display in this very truthful and honest read. // #pradoprado #zine #vancouverartbookfair #zineclub #monikerpress #risograph  The coolest store on Main Street—@luckyscomics—has copies of the 2018 Artists Calendar for sale! (As well as 'for the trees' by @triceradee and @brynnmcnab) // also can be ordered online at MONIKERPRESS.CA/SHOP #artistscalendar #monikerpress #2018
  lovely friday studio shoot spent with videographer @camillavernet ⚡️ for her new series coming soon // #monikerpress #risograph  Photos from the Print Fair / Art Market at @fieldcontemporary are now up on MONIKERPRESS.CA/NEWS // Big thanks to: all exhibitors for participating with their wonderful wares; @zine_clubing /Sylvana @sylvanaisthebest for creating a beautiful reading room installation; Bryce Kristopher Paul Agecoutay for providing tunes and transportation; @cedarcider for offering delicious beverages; @danieljefferies1 of Field Contemporary for the space; and of course, everyone who attended to support local artists! #vancouver #fieldcontemporary #monikerpress