May 032016


 Mobile Moniker

Excited to launch Moniker Press’ latest venture: MOBILE MONIKER.

Saying goodbye to Red Ladder Studio for the next six weeks. Mobile Moniker is a travelling print “shop” that will utilize creative and make-shift print methods to create and distribute new publications.

MOBILE MONIKER project has two main aspects, the first being the subscription to the travelling zines (info below), and the second, is a publication created at the end of the project that will feature various print makers from the cities visited, their studios, projects, perspectives and art. (more info on the second part coming soon)




Subscribe to receive 1-3 publications created and printed while on the move through different countries in Europe. Payments contribute to shipping and some of the material costs.


Receive one publication = $5
Receive two different publications = $9
Receive three different publications = $12

**For quantities above 1 use the coupon code: MOBILE/MONIKER2016 — for the 10% discount.



What does a printer do without a print shop?
Well in this case, this printer (me) is challenging herself to find alternative and makeshift methods for printing publications while in the flux of travel. The aim is to be creative and resourceful with limited supplies. There are so many possibilities for DIY printing and I aim to find them.

What will the content of the zines/prints consist of? 
As I am travelling through different areas I will be gather information and inspiration from the cities as well as the people I meet (potentially to collaborate with) along the way. Thus, the content is yet to be created. Note: these publications are experimental and will be made with makeshift materials, as such carrying characteristics of the environments they are created in.

How does it work/what am I paying for?
I make a zine/print in one city and then it will be mailed to your provided address attached to a postcard (see image). The payment just goes to cover shipping and some of the material costs.

What happens if my zine doesn’t make it to my address?
Snail mail can sometimes take 2-6 weeks to arrive. If it hasn’t arrived let me know and I’ll send you another.

What about your Moniker Press risograph printing in Vancouver?
Moniker Press printing will be on hold until June 17th, 2016, after that I’ll be back to offering risograph printing services in full swing. In the meantime you can email for quotes, information and to schedule printing in June.


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