Sep 282015


Had the pleasure of working with my friend Brandon Cotter on curating and designing this reading room that was installed at the Project Space Fundraiser Event on September 28th and will also be installed at Project Space’s Vancouver Art/Book Fair 2015 (Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 750 Hornby Street – located in the second floor stairwell)

The Garden is a modular reading room installation by Moniker Press, in collaboration with artist Brandon Cotter. Objects reconstructed from salvaged materials host a collection of local artists’ books, zines and publications that open to topics of contemporary thought, art criticism, boundaries and restrictions, as well as other unusual and unique subject matters.

Sit. Read. Stay awhile.

The Garden Reading RoomThe Garden Reading RoomThe Garden Reading Room The Garden Reading Room The Garden Reading RoomThe Garden Reading RoomThe Garden Reading RoomThe Garden Reading Room

Featured Titles:

Em Space — Zebulon Zang

Issues 32 to 40 — Bartelby Review

ARClog 2.1: Women In And Out of Focus — Stephane Bernard

Fragments of Bismuth — Alex Bovril

Cuts of Thin Meat — Steffanie Ling

guide to/making of — Moniker Press

Chapter Two / Vancouver — Pecan Mag

dress code in effect — Access Gallery

I’d Hurt A Fly (Kara Hansen) — Clean Indoor Air Act (Steffanie Ling) — LIT LIT LIT LIT

`Learn to live with the one you love`and the other side is `What I learned from living with the ones I love` — Nicole Schlosser

“CULTURAL APPROPRIATION IN SPIRITUALITY – how deepening our understandings of settler-colonialism, race and privilege and help us reland our practices with humility, accountability and reciprocity.” — Aja Rose Bond

Brandon Cotter is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Vancouver. He graduated from Emily Carr University in 2010 and co-runs the commercial art gallery FIELD Contemporary.