Nov 072016


Puddle Popper pt 2NEW IN THE SHOP:  Puddle Popper pt 2 is a collaborative publication by Vancouver based artists, Juli Majer, Melanie Thibodeau, Sarah Davidson and Sonja Ratkay. As a collective they explore ‘play’ as an overlapping theme. ‘Puddle Popper pt. 2′ is a result of the artists’ collaborative drawings and collages. These collaborative drawings were also translated into a sculptural installation for the Vancouver Art Book Fair 2016.

The package includes a double sided two-colour risograph poster on cream coloured cardstock (folded so that it can create a stage) as well as four 6″x9″ risograph prints on grey and pink cardstock (that can be framed or cut out into figures.)

Edition of 100
Printed and Published by Moniker Press
Vancouver, BC – 2016

Puddle Popper pt 2 Puddle Popper pt 2 Puddle Popper pt 2

Juli Majer is interested in fractured storytelling / symbolism, and studies translations of movements, emotion and fantasy within her work.

Queer artist Melanie Thibodeau explores the strangeness of having/living in a body; ongoing themes in their work deal with nostalgia and loss, comfort/discomfort, BDSM and politics surrounding gender, sexuality and feminism.

Sarah Davidson investigates fragments as symbols, medium as gendered and delicacy as strategy.

Interdisciplinary artist, poet and researcher Sonja Ratkay primarily explores topics of intuition, mood, states of being and environmental triggers that lead to psychological transformation.