Dec 072014


Sonic Weaving/A Collection of Shadows
Words by Nicole Dumas
Photos by Jon Vincent

Woohoo! Recently released article from VANDOCUMENT about the HWY Mag, Moniker, Genero opening at Field.

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Nicole’s thoughts on Ends:

“The word ‘ends’ refers to an end-of-the-world dialogue as well as a collection of odds and ends two years in the making. And true to the post-apocalyptic theme, the zine is raw and anarchistic in its presentation: mixing found notes and transcriptions of conversations overheard with authored art works. There is a sense of longing in the work, in the negation of context and information. The sensual, labored-over, thick rag paper cover has been screen printed with a flat of deep warm slate grey then embossed with a raised pattern of dense sweeping lines. The work flirts with rawness while actually delivering something more precious: a poetic whisper, a narrative with many gaps that are left to fill in. The reader is reaching for knowledge, to be filled up with it, to consume it and this work disallows such clear consumption. Like the blanked out film screens on one page, an easy read is denied. A post-apocalyptic time capsule, the anonymous and known rest in one place – each somehow equalized by the monochromatic greys of the zine.”