Jul 132017


Beyond excited to announce that our latest collaborative print will be the first available online at People of Print’Department Store.

 i, ii, iii: trio is a large scale interactive risograph poster that invites the viewer to participate as the third collaborator. The viewer can mold the poster into a 3D object by cutting out and folding shapes, thus create a play of light, space, room, shadow.

i. Graphite with water drawings by Sylvie Ringer
ii. Design and formatting by Erica Wilk
iii. Cut outs by _________________

2-colour Risograph printed and published by Moniker Press
Cream card stock. Size: 15 x 22″ (11 x 15″ when folded)
Special edition of 200—Vancouver, BC, 2017

i. Using graphite and ink, artist, Sylvie Ringer created a personal “setzkästchen“ (archive, collection) of reinterpreted objects and plants on paper.

ii. Erica Wilk (of Moniker Press) then worked with the raw drawings. They were rearranged, defragmented and composed into a different system of objects. Designed to be printed as a two colour large scale risograph experiment.

iii. Lastly, we invite the viewer, to complete the triptych by interacting with the poster as they desire.