Jun 202017


First adventure of the 2017 summer, Moniker Press went east!

First stop; Montreal, where we got to meet with some cool riso printers (l’Abriocot) for Mobile Moniker and also enjoy experiencing the city.

Next stop; Toronto for the 2nd Annual Toronto Art Book Fair. Four solid days of artists books – it was a blast!  Also got a chance to hang out and collaborate with local riso printers, Colour Code, Vide Press, Paper Pusher, and Perish Publishing.

See some pictures from the trip below! There’s literally so much to see and do in both cities that the list of recommendations to go on for days…

Montreal recommendations from Moniker Press: Monastiraki*, Drawn & Quarterly, BouquetVin Papillon, Triple Crown Dinette, Liverpool House, St-Viateur Bagel ShopLe Lab, MAC, Distroboto, Crew & Collective, Mt Royal/Tam Tams, Mile End, Le Plataeu.

*Visit Monastiraki and you’ll find select copies of Moniker Press’ publications!

Toronto recommendations from Moniker Press:  La Cubana, Art Gallery of OntarioBellwoods Brewery, ArtscapeOtto’s Berlin Döner, Kid Icarus, The Golden Turtle, Chinatown.

May 152017


In April, I had the pleasure of printing a zine (and some business cards) for photographer Matt Hanns Schroeter. He visited the studio during the printing process and took some photos! Take a look at some of his shots below.

You can view and purchase his two-colour riso zine—A Trip to Icelandhere.

All photos by Matt Hanns Schroeter, 2017.

Apr 162017


A tease of photos from the for the trees exhibition and book launch.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening and gallery hours! Your support is much appreciated, especially when, due to several unforeseen risograph related issues the book was unable to be completed for the opening night. (very sad about that :( ) But, at least the exhibition was killer! As for the book, look forward to the online launch in May! (And/or maybe pick up a copy at the TABF or the VABF.)

It’s been an exciting and busy month of printing some really cool projects. As of April 17th the Moniker Press studio will be closed for two weeks. (There’s a relaxing beachside chair waiting with my name on it!) In the meantime, more photos of the for the trees exhibition install can be found on Sarah’s website! As for more photos of the book, coming soon but for now we’ll just have to wait 🙃

p.s. SAVE THE DATE – May 13th, 12-6pm is the next Moniker Press open studio. More info to be announced on our Facebook page in the first week of May.

Apr 042017



for the trees: book launch and exhibition
drawings by Sarah Davidson
publication by Erica Wilk / Moniker Press
with writing by Brynn McNab

opening: April 13, 7-10
reading at 8
copies of ‘for the trees’ for purchase
gallery hours: April 14 & 15, 12-5


‘for the trees’ is a collaborative book experiment based on a series of drawings by Sarah Davidson. The publication was developed with Erica Wilk, who uses her publishing studio Moniker Press as a platform for artistic collaboration. The book includes a text by Brynn McNab, written in response to the art. Copies of ‘for the trees’ will be available for purchase, and the original works will be on display.


Preservation is a word oft associated with environmental activism. However, its implementation is a distinctly “cultural” phenomenon, not a natural one. Namely, it is one of human beings, and their technologies. Preservation brings along with it a whole host of other activities. The verb implies an external process to occur in order to accomplish its goal. You have pickling, salting, fermenting, cataloguing, copying, categorizing, languaging, embalming. In reality, ruin itself is a much needed process in the activity of sustainment of diverse life. The transfer of heat from one system (biological, ecological, and, I would argue, visual, and ontological) is integral and the multiplicities of systems allows for a birth of organization in the transfer of this heat. Origin of Species by Darwin, and Kelvin’s laws of thermodynamics were published in the same decade. They both came on the tail end of the industrial revolution. Both theories were argued as paradoxical, and heretical, by the church. Both conceptually resist the possibility of a creative or intelligent design in the world. However, once you consider the closed system of thermodynamics as being one which encompasses you, the earth, the universe, this transfer of heat and its loss in the process – the movement of such energy – can still create a beautiful and complex diversity of ruin.


SARAH DAVIDSON’s practice investigates the appeal of the weak, delicate, and otherwise diminutive, by placing it in playful parallel to other ostensibly unrelated ideas. An ongoing interest in the fragment as symbol reflects an interest in medium as gendered and maps as they exist in lived time. Past fragmentary explorations have aligned historical craft—particularly the stitching of quilts—with depictions of landscape as background.

BRYNN MCNAB is a writer, facilitator, and curator who specializes in event-based and social practices, publishing, and co-authorship. Her most recent projects include Co-Writing Criticism (Vancouver, Montreal and Paris), a co-authorship workshop, and An Exact Vertigo (Vancouver), an iterative contemporary dance series. She managed Unit/Pitt Projects (Vancouver) from 2013-2015, and revived and became editor-in-chief of ISSUE Magazine (Vancouver) during that time. Her poetry, essays, and short stories have been published across Canada and internationally. She attended Nova Scotia College of Art and Design for filmmaking and photography, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University in Critical and Cultural Practices. Brynn McNab currently sits as Secretary of the Or Gallery (Vancouver) Board of Directors.

Mar 052017


After an unexpected slow start to the year (thanks to everyone for their patience etc) I’m excited to announce… Moniker Press’ first open studio day! 

Drop by on March 11th to learn about the inner workings of the Moniker Press risograph print shop! At the open studio, you’re invited to: pick up a copy of the “Intro to Riso” zine, see the RZ and MZ printers in person, view print samples from the archive and meet others who are interested in risograph printing.

A selection of riso books collected in Mexico City at RRReplica (as well as others from the Reading Nook) will be on display for browsing / inspiration.

Important note: this event is not a workshop (although we hope to have workshops available later this year). Feel free to ask basic questions about the print process but for more in-depth discussions regarding projects, pricing, and file set up you must schedule an individual meeting at a later date. Email erica@monikerpress.ca if you have a project in mind!


Jan 012017


And another year whispers by. 

2016 was a good one for Moniker Press and risograph printing! Moniker Press had the pleasure of working on many cool projects and with a plethora of amazing artists, organizations, musicians, designers, friends, etcs, and so, we express much gratitude! Could not have done it without the community of riso lovers and supporters. ❤️

Goals (and Improvements) for Moniker Press in 2017:  (fingers crossed!)

  • UPDATED RISO GUIDE – including more comprehensive information on file set up, pricing packages, experimental print and colour layering examples.
  • MOBILE MONIKER – website and book launch featuring photos and collaborations from riso print shops around the world (stay tuned!)
  • MORE SERVICES – hoping to extend our commercial services to include screen printing, spiral binding and more.
  • RISO WORKSHOPS – small group workshops that guide beginners through the process of file set up and printing with risograph. Would you be interested in attending? Let us know!
  • NEW INK COLOUR – Pink or Yellow is top on our list, send us an email if you have a different preference! 
  • NEW PUBLICATIONS: working with local artists to publish interesting and experimental risograph prints and zines is a large part of what Moniker Press does, 2017 has good list of artists lined up for new publications!

… these are just a few of the goals we will be working towards in 2017. Happy Riso New Year!

Dec 202016


Some photos from the wonderful PRINT FAIR / ART MARKET, that Moniker Press organized in partnership with Dynamo Arts Association and ddoogg/KIOSK.

Vancouver Courier’s Rebecca Blissett also wrote an article about the Fair > read here.

We had tons of awesome art/book vendors, as well as performances, hot cider and snacks. It was a great December day!

Participating publishers included: Moniker Press, Andrea Lukic, Kate Fobert, Cole James Pauls, Kirsten Hatfield, Perro VerlagDDOOGGAs.iZ, Unfastened, Hayley Dawn Muir, Leftover Crafts, Zine ClubPaper Innards Distro, Stephanie McDonell, Phaedra HarderNeoglyphic MediaCarli Erin BoisjolieVancouver Art Book Fair and Black Market.

Dynamo Art Association artist Sarah Davidson (left) hosted Saturday’s Print Fair/Market along with Juli Majer (right) and Erica Wilk (not pictured). The one-day event, hosted by Dynamo, Kiosk and Moniker Press, showcased a variety of print and publishing with performances and readings. Photo: Rebecca Blissett.

Nov 222016


The cold is creeping in and so it’s time to clock in some quality / cozy studio time. We have been working on some some exciting upcoming events and projects! In case you are curious…


Nov 127
Nov 25
Nov 28Dec 10
Dec 11Dec 17
Dec 17
Dec 18—Jan 5
Jan 6—onward

—  open studio (available for printing + design work)
—  fol.cl, book launch + reading @ VABF Studio, 7pm

—  studio closed @ Rrréplica in Mexico City
open studio (available for printing + design work)
PRINT FAIR / MARKET @ Dynamo Arts, 1-9pm
studio closed (Available for design only, email for printing enquires/projects)
open again! (available for printing + design work)
Nov 162016



Honoured to have collaborated with Viorica Hrincu and Melissa Soleski on Moniker Press’ newly released publication; fol.cl. In this collaborative poetry chapbook about entanglement, writer Viorica Hrincu and illustrator Melissa Soleski combine poetry and drawings to explore themes of hair, loss and the reorientation of oneself in relation to standards of feminine beauty.

Poetry Viorica Hrincu
Illustrations  Melissa Soleski
Layout — Erica Wilk & Melissa Soleski

Edition of 150
Risograph printed and Published by Moniker Press
Vancouver, BC — 2016


at this point,
even a cough
gently encourages
my hair to aggregate
into clumps.
I’m sure it’s never
been this easy to
gather individuals towards
a common goal.
On the floor,
shower walls
-classic spectators
of people
who are falling

—  Excerpt from the poem air.h by Viorica Hrincu.

fol.clfol.clfol-cl bookfol.cl


fol.cl — Book Launch & Reading
Friday, November 25th, 2016
2-236 E Pender
7 to 10pm

“Join the Vancouver Art Book Fair at our Monthly Open Studio: fol.cl, a book launch and reading for Moniker Press’ newly released risograph publication by the same name.”

“As women, we’re told that it’s only acceptable to have hair on our heads, and literally nowhere else on our bodies.”
— Viorica Hrincu

Poet and scientist Viorica Hrincu is bald. She was diagnosed with alopecia a less than a year ago. Alopecia only affects hair growth and is neither painful nor life-threatening. The poems in fol.cl draw from Viorica’s experience, uncovering a sense of empowerment through loss. Combined with the delicate illustrations of Melissa Soleski, the publication not only deals with societal views on beauty, but also explores the inner and even biological connection between hair and identity.

Poetry reading will begin at 8pm. Copies of fol.cl will be available at the event for $20.