Nov 032016


Studio before the fairbookfair_dscf4134

Our favourite time of year in the studio and outside!

It was an amazing weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Moniker Press table and supported the VABF 2016. This year for the annual Vancouver Art Book Fair Moniker Press released three new publications:, Puddle Popper pt 2 and a 2017 Risograph Artists Calendar.  These projects would not have been possible without the extra assistance from Graham McFie – a huge thank you to Graham for all his help!

For those who were unable to attend check out the pictures below, also the new publications will be made available in our online shop very soon!


Puddle Popper pt 2. (more information coming soon)

Juli Majer, Melanie Thibodeau, Sarah Davidson and Sonja Ratkay explore play as an overlapping theme in their work through a collectively drawn zine published by Moniker Press and installation.


Moniker Press also had the pleasure of printing new work for many artists involved with the fair; including Dakwakada Warriors by Cole Pauls and several publications (Squint, Growth and JJWW) by Hayley Dawn Muir. (pictured below)

bookfair_dscf4331bookfair_dscf4266Until next year VABF

Sep 202016


Vancouver Art Book FairIt’s that time of year again! Outdoors the leaves are changing colours, and inside red ladder studio a printing storm is brewing. All in preparation for the 5th annual Vancouver Art Book Fair.

Moniker Press has some exciting new releases for the fair, including;

  • Puddle Popper pt2. (Juli Majer, Melanie Thibodeau, Sarah Davidson, Sonja Ratkay and Moniker Press)
  • (collaboration between poet, Viorica Hrincu, illustrator, Melissa Soleski and Moniker Press)
  • 2017 Artists Calendar (featuring 12 artists for 12 months!)
  • and lots of other little goodies…

*note: the Mobile Moniker: Travelling with Paper book release has been postponed to December 2016.

Have a project you want riso printed for the fair? Send an email as soon as possible as the PRINTING DEADLINE approaches. All orders must be submitted and print ready files sent by OCTOBER 1st.

Can’t wait to see you at the fair!


Jun 282016



Mobile Moniker 1.0 has landed back in Vancouver. What an amazing inspirational adventure it was, but luckily it is not over yet. Pictures and interview excerpts coming soon, as well as a book to be released in October 2016 at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair.

I would like to send out a big thank you to everyone I met along the way for the generous hospitality and willingness to collaborate and welcome me into your studios, homes and cities. As well as to the Mobile Moniker subscribers and supporters who patiently waited for their mysterious postcards to arrive.

p.s. It’s still not too late to subscribe – $15 and you will receive all the Mobile Moniker riso print collaborations via snail mail.

May 032016


 Mobile Moniker

Excited to launch Moniker Press’ latest venture: MOBILE MONIKER.

Saying goodbye to Red Ladder Studio for the next six weeks. Mobile Moniker is a travelling print “shop” that will utilize creative and make-shift print methods to create and distribute new publications.

MOBILE MONIKER project has two main aspects, the first being the subscription to the travelling zines (info below), and the second, is a publication created at the end of the project that will feature various print makers from the cities visited, their studios, projects, perspectives and art. (more info on the second part coming soon)




Subscribe to receive 1-3 publications created and printed while on the move through different countries in Europe. Payments contribute to shipping and some of the material costs.


Receive one publication = $5
Receive two different publications = $9
Receive three different publications = $12

**For quantities above 1 use the coupon code: MOBILE/MONIKER2016 — for the 10% discount.



What does a printer do without a print shop?
Well in this case, this printer (me) is challenging herself to find alternative and makeshift methods for printing publications while in the flux of travel. The aim is to be creative and resourceful with limited supplies. There are so many possibilities for DIY printing and I aim to find them.

What will the content of the zines/prints consist of? 
As I am travelling through different areas I will be gather information and inspiration from the cities as well as the people I meet (potentially to collaborate with) along the way. Thus, the content is yet to be created. Note: these publications are experimental and will be made with makeshift materials, as such carrying characteristics of the environments they are created in.

How does it work/what am I paying for?
I make a zine/print in one city and then it will be mailed to your provided address attached to a postcard (see image). The payment just goes to cover shipping and some of the material costs.

What happens if my zine doesn’t make it to my address?
Snail mail can sometimes take 2-6 weeks to arrive. If it hasn’t arrived let me know and I’ll send you another.

What about your Moniker Press risograph printing in Vancouver?
Moniker Press printing will be on hold until June 17th, 2016, after that I’ll be back to offering risograph printing services in full swing. In the meantime you can email for quotes, information and to schedule printing in June.


follow for regular updates

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Apr 072016


 RISO RED     Riso Medium Blue     moniker_green

Moniker has 4 colour drums: Black Bright Red, Medium Blue, and Riso Green. At first this may seem limited, however the colour charts below show the many possibilities achievable when adjusting and layering opacities.

risograph colour chart variations

Below are the full colour charts that range from an opacity of 5% to 95%. Click the charts to see full size images and for examples of when the ink is printed on different colours of paper, such as newsprint. Hardcopies of these colour charts are available for free pickup or can be mailed internationally. (post is paid by the receiver) email for more info.

colour spectrum

Paper choice can also play a huge role in how the colour prints. Papers with a smooth finish will achieve a more solid looking colour, whereas a paper with more tooth, such as a cotton rag or drawing paper will have a different texture to the print.

Risograph Paper Sample

Left: paper with smooth finish, Right: paper with tooth/texture

Jan 212016


paranormal_676px_DSC_0591Paranormal Activity (dis)Ambiguation
by Zine ClubProject Space

Publisher/Editor: Tracy Stefanucci
Designer: Sylvana d’Angelo
Printing: Moniker Press*

Limited Edition of 100
Vancouver, BC – 2015

Zine Club and Project Space collaborated to create an art book for the Fourth Annual Vancouver Art / Book Fair. If we approach the supernatural as a technology of the un-know, what is it’s interface? Ten creatives visually answer.

Tracy Stefanucci
Sylvana dAngelo
Emmy Van Thiel
Oana Clitan
Ryan Ming
Quinn Keaveney
Christopher Larsen
Anezka Minarikova
Larissa Monteiro
Lindsey Hampton

*Pictures below of the risograph cover and  pages printed by Moniker Press. (More photos of the digital prints can be viewed here:

paranormal paranormal paranormalparanormalparanormalparanormalparanormal


Jan 012016


2015 Flyers

2015 was a great year for Riso printing! Among the highlights of the year was Moniker’s first Art/Book Fair experience. Participating with as table as well as speaking at the fair (albeit slightly nerve-wracking) was an amazing opportunity.

A big thank-you to the community of riso/book lovers that support small print presses – as well as to all the wonderful organizations, artists, musicians, designers, friends, etcs that Moniker has has the pleasure of working with in 2015. Here’s to a Riso-full 2016!

Nov 112015


The first in the ‘Artist Print’ series published by Moniker Press and launched in October for the Vancouver Art Book Fair. An accordion style book that can be hung both vertically and horizontally – or – sit unfolded on a shelf so that the light can shine through both sides. This publication is now available for purchase in the Shop.

Perennials and Other Tropics
A book of drawings of fictional plants
By Daniel Jefferies

These drawings are an account of plants that live and grow
in places I have never visited or will never visit;
a meditation on primitive and natural places. 

Three colour risograph on cotton rag paper
Limited edition of 35
Published by Moniker Press – 2015

Other TropicsOther TropicsOther TropicsOther TropicsOther Tropics Other TropicsOther Tropics  Other TropicsOther Tropics

Oct 202015


Moniker Press Talk

Photos by @TracyStefanucci (L) + @BlondArtBooks (R)

The Vancouver Art/Book Fair took place on October 17th and 18th! It was a blast. Thanks to everyone who came to check it out. As well as thanks to those who came to listen to my talk on Sunday. For more information on Risograph printing or to view the videos that were featured in my talk visit the Printing page. Below are some photos of Moniker at the fair, more photos can be viewed on the Project Space facebook page or the VanDocument article.

Photo by Lukas Engelhardt for VANDOCUMENT.‘The Garden’ installation with Brandon Cotter – Photo by Lukas Engelhardt for VANDOCUMENT.

Vancouver Art/Book Fair Vancouver Art/Book Fair Vancouver Art/Book Fair Vancouver Art/Book Fair Vancouver Art/Book Fair

(above) Moniker’s table display (Photos by E)

Vancouver Art/Book FairAaron Read’s ‘HorrorMan’ Poster

Vancouver Art/Book Fair
Little Limited Library (project by Tracy Stefanucci)

Oct 122015


Moniker Risograph Guide

Getting ready for the Vancouver Art/Book Fair with this free “Intro to Riso” guide. Hot off the press, includes a poster and lots of information on Riso printing! Pick one up at the Moniker Press table at the fair!

Moniker Risograph Guide

Moniker Risograph Guide

For more information online visit the Moniker Print Guide page or watch this video for a better visual understanding on riso printing: