Our Missing Body
Our Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing Body

Our Missing Body


Our Missing Body: Newspapers I, II, III
Created by Zoe Kreye
Text insert by Tracy Stefanucci
Printed and Published by Moniker Press

Edition of 150
Vancouver BC, 2017

Our Missing Body: Newspapers I, II, III is a collection of three small newspapers by artist, Zoe Kreye. Published collaboratively with Moniker Press, a limited edition of Our Missing Body was risograph printed in Vancouver, BC, 2017. In addition, the envelope features a letter introducing the project by Tracy Stefanucci.

These are newspapers written by the body. A quiet voice not often heard or listened to. The words have been collected, compiled, written and rewritten with large physical strokes over three years, maybe three lifetimes. They are the daily news that comes from a place where the body leads. On certain days the mind has no directive, no mentorship, and it is the body that we must read. The body knows which arm to lift, which joint to bend and how to fill a belly in order to find some stability, some transformation. In this circumstance, the body writes through a very specific process. Clay forms have been moulded from the body, in movement, and were later used by many to focus on sensation, conjure visions, listen to stories and create movement rituals. The newspapers of Our Missing Body Dream diaries, turned grief manual, turned somatic pamphlet, turned ritual instructional guide, turned speculative fiction. —dream diaries turned grief manuals, turned somatic pamphlets, turned ritual instructional guides, turned speculative fictions— are written from the many hands and voices of these encounters.

Product Description

Sources: Bonnie McComb Kreye, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Clarice Lispector, Dance Troupe Practice, Dorothy Iannone, Eleonora Fabiao, Francis Weller, Hilma af Klint, John Berger, Karen Barad, Lygia Clark,  Mai-Thu Perrett, Malin Gabriella Nordin, Merleau Ponty,  Octavia Butler, Pablo de Ocampo, Robyn, Stacy Ho, Zoe Kreye and participants from related public workshops.


Kreye’s sculptural installations focus on the somatic experience of loss through a relationship between object, movement, ritual and encounter. She develops ceramic objects through a process that includes visualization and body work techniques as a way of exploring the physical void left by detachment from familial bonds, societal and spiritual contact. Extending her personal relationship with the forms, Kreye includes others through workshops that employ techniques from contact improvisation, performance art, visualization, ecstatic dance and authentic movement. Participants are given the opportunity to touch, listen and develop movement rituals with the ceramic forms to forge an intimate encounter between sculpture and body. Their observations and experiences are shared through writing, which continues to be added to the newspapers as a collective allegory. Expanding the possibilities and the lives of objects in a gallery space the Gallery, Kreye’s participatory practice attempts to make sense of an object’s origin and meaning, the participants’ actions and roles, and collective embedded histories ─ the experience of bodies, objects and space coming together.