Moniker Risograph Guide
Moniker Risograph GuideIntro to Riso GuideIntro to Riso GuideIntro to Riso GuideIntro to Riso GuideMoniker Risograph Guide

Intro to Risograph Printing Zine


*NEW AND IMPROVED 2nd Edition available now! Updated designed by Graham Mcfie.

A small zine designed in the shape of a RZ risograph printer. It opens to reveal the inner workings of the machine as well as a summary of the basics of Risograph printing. This is a free intro zine, all we ask is that you cover the cost of postage. For those living in Vancouver just send an email to arrange a pickup.

For more information on Risograph printing take a look at Monikers > Print Guide.

1st Edition: Blue riso ink on pink paper (sold out)
2nd Edition: 4 riso colours on white paper (available now)
Free zine published by Moniker Press
Vancouver, BC – 2016