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i, ii, iii: Trio (Poster)


i, ii, iii: trio is a large scale interactive risograph poster that invites the viewer to participate as the third collaborator. The viewer can mold the poster into a 3D object by cutting out and folding shapes, thus create a play of light, space, room, shadow.

i. Graphite with water drawings by Sylvie Ringer
ii. Design and formatting by Erica Wilk
iii. Cut outs by _________________

2-colour Risograph printed and published by Moniker Press
Cream card stock. Size: 15 x 22″ (11 x 15″ when folded)
Special edition of 200—Vancouver, BC, 2017

i. Using graphite and ink, artist, Sylvie Ringer created a personal “setzkästchen“ (archive, collection) of reinterpreted objects and plants on paper.

ii. Erica Wilk (of Moniker Press) then worked with the raw drawings. They were rearranged, defragmented and composed into a different system of objects. Designed to be printed as a two colour large scale risograph experiment.

iii. Lastly, we invite the viewer, to complete the triptych by interacting with the poster as they desire.

LOCAL PICKUP:  Email to arrange.

ONLINE ORDERS: this poster is in stock and available online exclusively at the People of Print: Department Store.



Product Description

i. Setzkästchen:

an archive, a collection of small objects, or literally—a small box, where you arrange and collect small objects.

ii. Alchemy:

a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way.

iii. Triptychon:

three-fold, used for art or altar images divided into three sections, an art piece consisting of three pieces…in this case of this poster, three collaborators.


You, the third. Welcome.

We invite you to join this collaboration.

 To partake all you need is a sharp exacto knife and mat board.
Carefully cut and fold wherever you feel inclined.
(Remember to always cut away from yourself.)

Consider, shapes and shadows.
New angles will open up.

The poster consists of two sides.
By cutting and folding parts of the poster, the red texture on the second side will become visible. *we recommend cutting from the first side of the poster for accuracy with the shapes, however you have the freedom to experiment as you wish.

 Consider the nature of risograph printing; which is imperfection.
(thus it is forgiving).

 Allow for beauty and surprise in the process.