Jan 012017


And another year whispers by. 

2016 was a good one for Moniker Press and risograph printing! Moniker Press had the pleasure of working on many cool projects and with a plethora of amazing artists, organizations, musicians, designers, friends, etcs, and so, we express much gratitude! Could not have done it without the community of riso lovers and supporters. ❤️

Goals (and Improvements) for Moniker Press in 2017:  (fingers crossed!)

  • UPDATED RISO GUIDE – including more comprehensive information on file set up, pricing packages, experimental print and colour layering examples.
  • MOBILE MONIKER – website and book launch featuring photos and collaborations from riso print shops around the world (stay tuned!)
  • MORE SERVICES – hoping to extend our commercial services to include screen printing, spiral binding and more.
  • RISO WORKSHOPS – small group workshops that guide beginners through the process of file set up and printing with risograph. Would you be interested in attending? Let us know!
  • NEW INK COLOUR – Pink or Yellow is top on our list, send us an email if you have a different preference! 
  • NEW PUBLICATIONS: working with local artists to publish interesting and experimental risograph prints and zines is a large part of what Moniker Press does, 2017 has good list of artists lined up for new publications!

… these are just a few of the goals we will be working towards in 2017. Happy Riso New Year!